The Business of Books ($20.00 + Shipping & Handling)

The Business of Books is a book designed to help authors become comfortable with the process of writing their first book. It will also take you into the world of marketing, branding and creating additional streams of income as an Authorpreneur.


Claim Your Destiny! ($20.00 + Shipping & Handling)

Claim Your Destiny is the book that will help you tap into the unlimited potential you possess! If you are ready for your breakthrough this is the book for you! You will be empowered with the stories of average people who have achieved amazing victories! You will be introduced to tools that will help you master yourself and live your dreams! If you are ready, now is the time for you to Claim Your Destiny!


Claim Your Destiny! (Workbook) ($15.00 + Shipping & Handling)

The Claim Your Destiny Workbook is a perfect complement for the life-changing book! The workbook will take you through questions and activities that will force you to stretch as you tap into the unlimited potential you possess! Working through the workbook is like having the dynamic coaching of Sugar Ray available 24/7!


Sugarcoated ($20.00 + Shipping & Handling)

This is a book of poems and affirmations about the inner and outer beauty of women. It is a celebration of the grace, elegance and phenomenal strength of the women in our lives.

Book Bundles (Best Value)


All In One Bundle! (Only $60.00 + $4.95 Shipping & Handling)

Grab this exclusive deal which includes all 4 books previously released by Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.! These books are guaranteed to change your life and help you elevate your life to a completely new level.


Claim Your Destiny Bundle! (Only $30.00 + $4.95 Shipping & Handling)

Grab the book and workbook bundle that launched Sugar Ray's career of worldwide speaking, youth programs, and publishing over 300 Bestselling Authors. The book and workbook contains the information that helped hundreds of young men and women find new direction and tap into the best version of themselves.

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