Speaking Presentations

Motivational Presentations

Energetic! Exciting! Empowering! Motivating! ... Sugar Ray empowers your organization to tap into the potential they have locked inside of themselves and achieve greatness. He highlights the importance of vision, fortitude and discipline in the pursuit of one’s Destiny!

Professional Development Workshops

Powerful! Passionate! Intimate! Intense! ... Sugar Ray shares powerful business, organizational and team building tips. He pulls from over 20 years of experience in organizational development and corporate management. Sugar Ray's Professional Development Workshops will help your team exceed expectations and go to the next level.

Organizational Consultations

Simplistic! Encouraging! Engaging! Strategic! ... Sugar Ray will come in and work with your organization to improve your results. He will help you improve and implement systems that provide guaranteed results.

Organizations Sugar Ray Has Worked With Include

And ... many more not listed!

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Phone Number: 512-633-9912 / Email: sugarray@sugarraydestin.com